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Tarryn Peinke


Tarryn’s passion for animals began in Zimbabwe where she grew up caring not only for family dogs and cats, but also an array of animals including a baboon ,which she hand raised and orphaned lion cubs . These formative years cemented her interest and respect for animals of all species and she continues to be fascinated by the challenges of training all animals. Most recently she has successfully worked with Reindeer and llamas. She has achieved amazing success with several llamas training them to perform agility and other tasks.

Since Tarryn joined the team at the centre in 2010 she has expanded and developed her knowledge in the field of canine training and behaviour. She has been responsible for training two German Shepherds Roxy and Lace which has resulted in expanding her ability to implement training techniques and behavioural programmes, enabling her to perform in the Cheshire Dog Display team to massive audiences around the country with both dogs. Tarryn has also been able to showcase the talents of her chosen breed, the working German Shepherd, in the Shadowquest Working Dog display. Within this display she delivers, along with her fellow handlers, a synchronised and informative performance including obedience, specialist article searching and thrilling fire jumps.

Whilst at the centre Tarryn’s knowledge is constantly expanding as she gains more experience working with numerous different dogs at the residential training facilities. These dogs present varied, complex training and behavioural issues which, under the guidance of the senior trainers, Tarryn has been learning to identify and resolve during their stay.

Having been given the opportunity to assist and observe Sue and Derek’s work, she has been able to develop her abilities and the practical application of techniques. Tarryn looks forward to further increasing her experience and learning at the Centre so she is able to provide advice and practical resolutions in dog training and behaviour in the future.