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Behaviour Consultations

We understand how stressful it is when your pet has a behaviour problem.

We provide expert advice, help and support restoring harmony.


How To Book

Contact us direct
Contact us direct by telephone, email or complete our online contact form

Getting Referred By Your Vet
We work with numerous veterinary practices throughout the North West, Midlands and Wales. If you think you might need our help with a behavioural issue it is advised that prior to booking an appointment with us, your dog is medically assessed by your veterinarian as some behavioural problems have a medical cause, albeit rarely.

Your vet may refer by:

  • Completing our online referral form

  • Suggesting that you make contact with us directly along with their veterinary referral letter or clinical history

  • Writing a letter with their opinion on the behaviour in question to our practitioners and to book an appointment on behalf of you

  • Simply refer you verbally to our web site for information