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Legal Experts for Court & Social Services

As a former police dog handler and instructor, Derek Williams’ expertise is regularly called upon as an expert witness both in dog cases and as an assessor under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Derek’s work in this area is recognised and accredited by the CFBA, Britain’s leading canine behaviour organisation.

Derek is qualified to act officially as an:

  • Expert Witness in the following disciplines

  • Guard Dogs Act 1975

  • Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 

  • Control of Dogs Order 1992

  • Animal Welfare Act 2006

  • Police Dogs criminal work rules

  • Police Dogs tracking and detention rules

  • Police Dogs use in public places

  • Kennel management and care rules

  • Dangerous Dogs assessor

  • Breed type assessor

  • Dog behaviourist

As a qualified dog behaviourist with over 30 years experience both within the police service and independently, Derek is able to assess a dog’s temperament, provide a professional report with film and photographic evidence (where required) and represent clients in order to defend owners and their dogs in Magistrate and High court cases.

His expert knowledge is frequently used by police forces throughout Wales and the North West to determine a dog’s breed for the Dangerous Dogs Act and assess their temperament. This process is most commonly undertaken after a complaint or claim is filed against a dog or owner. Most cases involve acts or alleged acts of aggression towards people under Section 3 (1) and (4) of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Dogs Act 1871. This combines with the assessment and breed identification (or 'typing') of dogs seized on suspicion of Section 1 offences of the DDA 1991.

As well as his work for the police Derek is called upon to provide advice for social services and welfare organisations. Assessing dogs present in houses where vulnerable adults or children are being placed. 

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