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Our media services include:

  • providing trained dogs and animals for film productions, modelling and promotional work

  • presenting roles for film, TV and radio

  • consultancy for dogs and animals in the media world

  • writing articles for magazines and the press

Over the years we have been involved in many film and TV productions with our animals. All of our animals are accomplished performers and models and are frequently called upon to demonstrate their skills as ambassadors for our work. They are highly trained and under control, able to promote and take part in a wide variety of TV and film work. Not only do our dogs make appearances as models and on programmes for BBC and ITV but our pigs and llamas have also starred on many shows recent credits include; BBC’S, Blue Peter, ITV’S Super Tiny Animals, BBC’S Animal Crackers and BBC’s Newsround.

Our expertise has been utilised in successful ad campaigns and commercials, notable examples include our rescue dog Honey who was chosen to be the face of ‘Scrufts’ and Molly our Spanish Water dog who is known worldwide together with her friend Louie the agility pig. 

Regular media appearances have encouraged the team to promote the importance of dog training to the wider public and helped us to hone our educational and informative commentary encompassing all aspects of our work. Sue Williams has recently written and presented the new ground-breaking dog training DVD ‘Science Led Dog Training’ which is now available to buy.

Media work can be carried out here at the centre as well as on location or studios.

If you require our services please contact us via our Contact Page for further information.

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