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  Sue & Derek Williams

Professional Canine Behaviour Consultants.

53yrs combined experience. Successfully helped 7430 dogs & 99% of breeds!



Sue Williams BSc, Chairwoman Guild of Dog Trainers, MCFBA

Sue has vast experience gained from working with both dogs and other animals over the last 20 years. Her expertise and success is reflected in her position as the Chairwoman of the Guild of Dog Trainers, her role as a tutor for Middlesex University accredited courses through the CIDBT and her status as a full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association.

Sue’s passion is understanding and developing communication with the animals she trains. She is fascinated with how animals think and behave. She draws upon a wealth of experience and knowledge achieved through years of ‘hands on’ experience.

As a specialist in ‘operant conditioning’ and its uses in training and behaviour modification, her success has resulted in the production of the DVD ‘Science Led Dog Training’ where her techniques are showcased. She runs regular courses and workshops in the art of operant conditioning and its practical uses in communicating with dogs teaching clients how to employ these techniques.

Sue’s successful career has resulted in her high profile as a canine expert in the media; she has numerous TV credits and is a regular feature writer and expert in canine publications. Sue enjoys success in training both dogs and other animals for the media both film and photographic

As well as being an accomplished instructor, Sue is a highly skilled trainer and has over the years trained numerous dogs and other animals to an extremely high level. Dogs of her own include German Shepherd Dogs, Malinois, a Spanish water dog , a Dutch Herder along with various rescue x breeds and mongrels. Sue co-directs and participates in the highly acclaimed Cheshire Dog Display team and Shadowquest Dog Display team with dogs of her own.

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Derek Williams MCFBA, GODT(MT), MBIPDT, BPSCA, Home Office trained.

Derek has been involved with the training and behaviour of dogs from a very young age. He grew up caring for and training various gundog breeds and retains a passion for specialist search dogs such as spaniels who he continues to showcase in the Shadowquest Working Dog Display. However his primary experience is gained from his time as a police dog trainer and instructor.

Derek’s distinguished career spans in excess of 30 years working full time with dogs, 25 years of which were as a police dog trainer and instructor. During this period, Derek has successfully competed at the highest level in both police and civilian trials. In 1989, 1990 and 1991 he won the Cheshire Police Dog Trials, a notable achievement for being one of the only handlers to win during three consecutive years. In 1991 Derek and his police dog Thor were awarded a Pro Dogs Gold medal for outstanding team work and bravery in recognition of their arrest record and ability to work in potentially life threatening circumstances.

It was during his illustrious career with the police that Derek began his training and behavioural classes for problem dogs both working and civilian. Having gained a wealth of knowledge about dogs and the causes for their behaviours, Derek decided to use his knowledge to help others and began training classes which he continues to run today. During these classes Derek not only helps owners to better understand their dogs and solve their behavioural issues but also helps to repair the relationships between dog and owner by participating in obedience, control and confidence exercises.

In 1989 Derek single handedly created the acclaimed Cheshire Dog Display Team which has gone on to become one of the leading dog displays in the UK. The display team is made up of owners and dogs who have attended his training and behavioural workshops. Many of the dogs are rescues and presented severe issues such as aggression and separation anxiety. With Derek’s guidance the owners were able to rehabilitate these dogs and turn them into well behaved, happy family pets that now perform in front of massive audiences around the country.

Derek specialises in the assessment and rehabilitation of problem dogs, he possesses a wealth of experience in canine behaviour modification. He is recognized as one of the countries leading authorities in canine aggression and is a full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association. Derek’s expertise is regularly utilised by a wide range of professional organisations including  British Police forces, Social services, the RSPCA and the Veterinary profession. He excels as an expert witness in dog related court cases under the Dangerous Dogs Act.


Derek & Sue have between them over 50 years experience working full time in canine training & behaviour.

Sue BBC filming


Sue & Derek have gained celebrity status through their work with the media. Having trained a range of domestic animals and exotic species using their ground breaking techniques. They have appeared in a variety of popular television and radio programmes.



Sues innovative methods are accessible to a wide audience through her regular contributions to popular national and international publications. Dogs Monthly- K9 Queries Panel Expert. An authority on dog training , dog behaviour, breeding, rearing and puppies she has been an expert panel member for over 10 years!

Sue Chairwoman Guild of Dog Trainers


Sue is the Chairwoman of the prestigious Guild of Dog Trainers. In this role she has been influential in shaping policy and practice at a national level. She provides strong leadership in response to the many challenges encountered.



Derek is a former Police dog trainer and handler. Sue and Derek regularly share their unique skills and expertise with leading professional organisations.

They, as consultants help and design specific programmes to meet the individual needs of working dogs and their handlers


Displays &

Derek & Sue are Directors of the acclaimed Shadowquest Working Dog & Cheshire Dog display teams. These elite dog display teams are recognised as the leading teams of their kind in the UK. The teams perform at outdoor events, shows and festivals.


Professional Canine Behaviour 

Insurance Approved Professional Behaviour Consultants.

Derek and Sue are Pet insurance approved canine behaviour consultants and legal experts. Both are long standing members of the ‘Canine and Feline Behaviour Association’. This accolade means that Petplan, the market leader in pet insurance, along with most other pet insurance companies endorse Sue & Dereks expertise in dog behavioural problems.